5 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tool to Find-out Plagiarism Content on Website

Plagiarism sucks! Matched content has a serious impact on the website. Website content should be a piece of uniqueness and should be essential for the readers. For every blogger, influencer, mentor, scholar, or researcher a plagiarism checking tool is a necessity. It has a high priority for content writers. They need to ensure that the content they submit is unique and not copied. Also, for the website owners, they need to check the content on the tool that it isn’t copied otherwise they need to go through SEO penalty.

If you don’t need it regularly or you want it for personal use then you can go for the free tools. Otherwise, if you’re dealing with professional work, then go for the paid ones. You don’t need to worry much as we have assembled both the free and paid plagiarism checkers in this article. Get ready to avoid penalization and rejections from the job with these helpful tools. 

Why do you need to use duplicate content checker tools?

Note that the search engines demand a helpful, innovative, and fresh piece of content. Plagiarism is considered to be a threat to their viewer’s judgment. When indexing is performed by the search engine then it examines the content of your web page. After that, it analyzes and compares your content with other indexed sites on the search engine.

When you find that any website has got plagiarized content then it might be penalized by the search engines. Also, the page gets lowering rankings. Sometimes the site or its content is removed from search engine results. This may affect your SEO works. For more details about the SEO services refer to the given link:  SEO company in Bangalore.

Penalties should be taken into consideration seriously if your site is landed with plagiarized content, then you need to perform thorough research on the existent content. Always check for plagiarism before publishing any content on your website. Keep your website free from duplicate content.

List of 5 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools

  • Grammarly Online Plagiarism Checker

Starting from the best and the most popular online plagiarism checker tool which is easy to use. Grammarly web extension is a well-known tool for content writers. It is a simple tool to swiftly check whether an article is unique or duplicated from other sites or references.

In case you’re a professor or publisher, then you can check your research paper or content is original and has no duplicate content from any online sources. Make sure you check before publishing your content. This is the perfect tool with plagiarism checking feature. It has multiple features for webmasters to examine the authenticity of the content. There’s check Grammar to search for grammatical errors and spellings.

  • Quetext

After Grammarly, we have Quetext that is a free plagiarism checker tool. It has a paid version too with the help of which you can check for lengthy contents. It scans your content and compares it with other websites, research papers, and books to determine whether it has any copied content or not. Also, there are cite references that assist you to provide credit to the reference site. 

Its paid plans start at $9.99 per month and allow countless searches. With this plan, you can search up to 25,000 words i.e. 50 pages in one search. Also, you get the opportunity to upload PDF, Word documents, and plain-text files to review for plagiarism. Whereas the free plan is restricted to three searches only and it searches the first 500 words only. 

  • Copyscape

Then, we have the oldest yet most used plagiarism checking tool that is Copyscape. With the help of this tool, you can search for duplicate content just by attaching the URL of the file. Copyscape is a fast and inexpensive tool. But the interface is too old and has not changed a lot so it’s less used by professionals. But for newcomers, this free plagiarism checker tool is quite simple and useful.

  • PlagSpotter

PlagSpotter is another plagiarism checking tool that is free, fast, and easy to use. Scan your web page to check if there is any duplicate content within a minute. It comes with an originality feature that permits you to analyze text from online sources that has been signaled as duplicated.

PlagSpotter’s URL search is available for free. All you need to do is sign up for a 7-day free trial with plenty of beneficial points such as copy monitoring, limitless searches, website scans, etc. After the 7 days free trial, if you want to continue then go for their paid version that is available at affordable prices. Check out the best SEO companies in Bangalore here: Best SEO Company in Bangalore.

  • SiteLiner

Lastly, there is SiteLiner for controlling duplicate content. All you need to do is copy-paste the content or site’s URL in the given field. Click on the search button and the scan operation will be performed to examine any duplicate content. Here, you’ll get additional information like page loading time, the total number of words, both external and internal links, etc. Based on the content size the scan time of the site might require a few extra seconds or minutes. But the results of SiteLiner would be accurate and worth waiting. When the scanning is complete, then you can check the result or also download the scanned result as a PDF. The free period of SiteLiner is restricted to one scan only per month. Whereas the paid plan is quite cheap. 


Now, we’re done discussing the best duplicate content checking tools. Have you tried any one of these tools? If not, then do try them and stop worrying about the content qualities of your website or blog. Also, don’t worry about penalization for duplicate content. All you need to do is pick the right tool that fulfills all your requirements. 

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