Finding Professional Aircraft Maintenance Services

Why It’s Important to Partner with an Organization You Can Trust

An aircraft with deferred maintenance is an aircraft no one wants to board.
With so many federal and global regulations relating to operating private jets, you’re bound to maintain your aircraft to meet their requirements, or stay grounded.
A bigger issue is one of safety; do you want to risk flying yourself and others in a business jet that hasn’t been properly cared for? That’s why finding professional aircraft maintenance services to take care of the day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, and annual care of your aircraft takes the stress off your shoulders and puts it in the hands of experts.
Consider these key reasons – outside of safety and regulatory requirements – that you’ll want to work with a professional service provider.
Proper Maintenance Protects Your Aircraft’s Value and Saleability

The private jet industry is booming, with aircraft in demand like never before seen. Jets with clear and lengthy maintenance records are selling quickly, with bidding wars and multiple offers pleasing their owners.
Because jet buyers are looking for airworthy planes with plenty of useful life remaining, they’ll have their eyes on well-maintained aircraft, and you’re more likely to get top dollar should you ever need to sell yours. With regular maintenance your business jet retains its value over time.
Maintenance Makes Ownership and Flying Less Costly
It seems like if you spend less on maintenance, you’ll pay less out of pocket to own and fly your jet. But this simply isn’t the case. Just as when you neglect a vehicle, its operating costs (such as fuel consumption and repair bills) increase, the same applies to private jets.
Expensive aircraft repairs, long waits for parts, downtime, mechanic labor fees, higher hangar fees, and more, all add up when your jet is grounded due to deferred maintenance. A well-maintained jet is less likely to experience surprise mechanical issues because thorough and regular inspections identify minor issues before they spiral out of control. This maintenance actually decreases operating costs. That’s why so many private jet owners are turning to maintenance service programs to oversee their aircraft’s care.

Regular Maintenance Lets You Fly on Time
If you’re planning a trip and intending to fly on a well-maintained aircraft, barring things like weather issues, you’re more likely to depart and land on time at the correct destination than if you’re relying on an aircraft that doesn’t receive regular care.
Flight cancellations and delays are two big reasons travelers are opting for private jets in lieu of commercial airlines, but instead of getting the benefits of your own aircraft, you’ll end up with the very same frustrations as every other passenger.
The ability to fly when you need to could be the difference between closing a business deal or losing out – or getting to your beach vacation before stress wears you down.
Well-Maintained Aircraft Are Simply More Comfortable
Who likes a bumpy ride and rough landings? No one! Who wants to sit for hours aboard a plane in uncomfortably hot or cold temperatures? No one! And who wants to be stuck with a seat that doesn’t swivel or recline, or a lavatory that’s out of order? Also no one.
Maintaining every aspect of your private jet, including these creature comforts, ensures enjoyable flights. Every passenger can sit back, relax, be productive, or take a nap instead of fretting about discomfort aboard a private jet that should be delivering the most peaceful flight possible.

 Sign a Jet Maintenance Program Contract
Whether you’re taking care of a single jet or a whole fleet, don’t force your operations manager to go it alone. Jet service providers keep your aircraft functional, comfortable, and safe – and you don’t want to gamble with an iffy aircraft.
This is why so many aircraft owners opt for a maintenance program and tracking service to ensure their planes are ready to fly at a moment’s notice. Regardless of whether you’re an independent aircraft owner, or if your business owns a few jets for executive travel, this type of service is key.
Maintenance experts have the knowledge to anticipate when your jet will need upgrading, repairs, and inspections because they can interpret data like flight hours and other metrics, reconciling that with the overall condition of your jet and average data collected from aircraft from the same class, year, make, or model.
By removing the guesswork and leaving your jet in capable hands, your operations team no longer is solely responsible for your private jet, letting them focus on other important and relevant tasks.

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