How to layout the functional areas of office space design?

The most important thing in office design is to highlight the characteristics of efficiency, simplicity and modernity. At the same time, it can also reflect the humanistic temperament of the office. We should inject the design into more human demand elements, adopt modern ergonomics concepts to layout, ensure that people can make full use of space, and make effective and beautiful design plans.

How to layout the functional areas of office space design?



The foyer is the facade of the company, and it is also the first visual experience for customers. Therefore, the decoration of the hall is generally high-end. Most of the decorations are made of high-grade materials, and the average cost of the decoration area is relatively high. The functional purpose is mainly as a passage for a little waiting and people flow. Secondly, the area of ​​the office space design foyer must be reasonable, generally tens to hundreds of square meters is more appropriate. It should not be too big or too small. If the lobby area is allowed, a secretary desk or waiting area can be set up at a suitable location according to the needs of the company to make the area more detailed. If there is extra space, a small landscaping or decoration display area can also be designed.

Reception room

Under normal circumstances, people habitually walk to the right when entering the room, so the reception area is generally located on the right. Considering that the area of ​​the reception room should not be too large, the area should be between a dozen to tens of square meters. It can also be divided into a negotiation area or an increase in the corporate image display area, which can also allow employees and customers to better understand the company’s corporate culture. The decoration style can highlight the characteristics. For the soft furnishing, you can choose the exquisite and characteristic modular sofas and coffee table sets.


The layout of the passage in the office space design is also very important, as much as possible to reduce or shorten the length of the passage, because this can not only save the area cost, but also improve work efficiency. The width of the main channel is better than 1800mm, and the secondary channel should not be narrower than 1200mm. This is not only convenient for walking, but also a prerequisite for safety.


For office space, what needs to be considered more is the relationship between employees’ work needs and departments to set the required area and layout. If there is a larger space, it is also quite innovative to arrange it in a neat trend, but it should be convenient to use and coordinate with the overall style. There are also many open offices. Setting up an open office area in the middle of the office will make it easier for employees to communicate, collaborate, and share in the middle. The design focuses on scale, high efficiency and comfort, and must conform to the regularity of the theme activities of each department and the basic requirements for smooth work in the office.

Cadre Office

The cadre office needs a certain degree of independence and must be separated from the area of ​​ordinary employees. It is generally set for department heads, but it should also be close to the employee’s office area and the desk can face the employee. The partition door and partition wall can be made of glass or other transparent materials.

Meeting room

The size of the area depends on the usage requirements. If the number of users is less than 20 or 30, a round or oval conference table can be used, which is more luxurious and formal. However, if there are a large number of people in the conference room, you should consider using independent two-person tables for multiple arrangements and combinations.

Leadership offices

The leader’s office should pay attention to the shape and light of the room. It is best to have a square space with strong lighting, which is also beneficial to Feng Shui. The office area should be spacious and the furniture should be high-end atmosphere. A decoration cabinet or bookcase can be installed behind the office chair to increase the cultural atmosphere and sense of luxury. There is usually a reception and negotiation chair in front of the office desk. Toilets and restrooms can be added if space permits.

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