QuickBooks payroll update error 15106

QuickBooks Services is one renowned accounting software, a platform introduced to provide you top services, possible assistance, and more. From meeting your daily business requirement to monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting tasks. Even tax management and payroll system can be handled with ease through the software. With the fact that it is one of the most popular accounting platforms around the globe, it has a certain error.

Errors can never be denied, they are a kind of issue often witnessed when updating the program. This error pops when using the software and it indicates your program is damaged. One very common kind of error that occurs is the error 15106. It is when using the payroll function of the software when you face difficulty in updating.

What QuickBooks Error 15106 mean?

Before you move ahead with fixing the error, you should know the actual cause of it. It is highly recommended to first understand what is the reason you witness the error. And then, this will help you move ahead with fixing through the step-by-step guide.

This is a payroll error that occurs when you update the system. The message that pops on your screen can be ‘The update program can’t open or that ‘The update program is damaged’

Triggering Issues when the Error 15106 Occur

QuickBooks can be caused due to a couple of factors, here are a few noteworthy points.

  1. The very first, foremost, and major cause in the case for the error to occur is the Antivirus application. The security and anti-virus application that you’ve installed on your system will restrict your software.
  2. Another major cause of the error is, you have logged in to the QuickBooks services software but not as an administrator. This will trouble you from reading, or writing any new files. As there are many restrictions without admin credentials.
  3. Lastly, the presence of Spy Sweeper is another major cause for the Error to annoy you. Your QuickBooks payroll update program may be considered a malware activity. You have to get rid of the Spy Sweeper to let the update run properly.

How can you Fix the Error in QuickBooks

Give yourself Admin Credential

  1. There is no way you can be able to update your payroll processing without having admin credentials. The user can freely log in with the admin credentials into the system.
  2. Firstly, if you have logged as a different user, log out of it and there enter the admin details.
  3. You simply have to right-click on the QuickBooks desktop icon, select Run as Administrator.
  4. Performing this step, you will notice the access of the administrator is given to you.

Clean Install QuickBooks: Mode Selective Startup

In case, you witness the above method wasn’t workable, you need to adopt a new method of cleaning QuickBooks service by using Selective startup mode.

  1. The user is supposed to create a backup of the company files
  2. Then, you need to secure a copy of your QuickBooks product as well as the other information of the License.
  3. Next, we move on to the step wherein you should start the system with selective startup mode. Now, this is to ensure that you have no other application to hinder your update.
  4. User further needs to uninstall and then again install the QuickBooks desktop
  5. Now, you can end the process by switching it back to normal startup mode.
  6. This will surely fix the error.

Turning Off User Account Control

  • You can opt for this method to turn off the User Account Control. If your error is still not getting fixed by the above two methods, this one might work.
  • First is to press on the Window along with the R on your Keyboard and then choose Run Window
  • After this, you are recommended to type in the Control panel and click OK
  • Your user has to choose the User Accounts and then further make sure you select User Accounts
  • Now, you can move on by clicking on the Change user account control setting option
  • Do not forget that if you are navigated to UAC, choose YES
  • Move the slider, set the option ‘Never Notify’ and then choose OK, turn UAC off
  • if you want notification, set it to ‘Always notify’ choose yes, a turn your UAC on
  • Reboot your system finally.


QuickBooks error code 15106 can be easily rectified if you follow the above steps given below. You will have a great time getting the problem solved and using your software yet again. QuickBooks offers some great features and functionality, do not spoil it with the error. Make the most out of the software, it chooses to help businesses automate the entire tasks. Using QuickBooks will provide you an abundance of benefits, so enjoy and get rid of the error!

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